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Title: Thanksgiving for Families
Post by: Favor on November 25, 2010, 10:20:43 AM
Father, thank You so much for families.  On this Thanksgiving Day, we pray that all the families gathering together will remember to give You thanks.  We pray that there will be peace, joy and happiness in families as they celebrate Your goodness.

For those who are far away from their families, let them know, Father, that You are with them.  That You are their Daddy God and that You love them so much.

We also pray for the military personnel who are not with their families at this time, that Father, You will protect them and give them Your joy and peace.  We pray that You will show Yourself real to those who do not know You and that they will come to know You, Father and Your Son, Jesus Christ.  We love You, Father God.  In Jesus' Name.  Amen.